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Some Personal Game Suggestions

(Post in Englisch ausnahmsweise!)

aka: my favorite games and why I like them. If you crave for some new games you can check this list out!

*The hearts indicate how much I love the game. Reminder: This is a list of mypersonal favorites.

♥♥♥♥♥ Twilight Princess 
It’s my favorite Zelda game, not at least because of Midna. I feel like she’s actually the main character and Link her side character. And Zelda x Midna is almost canon. They get … really…. close at some point in the game. Like really, really close. I love that. She’s strong and cute and the publishers allowed her to be “not stereotypical pretty”, like japanese women usually are in games. She even has a little cute tummy!

♥♥ Plants VS Zombies
I used to play this game hundreds of hours. It’s a really fun casual game, when you wait at the doctor or have to sit a long time on the toilet.It’s a sort of tower defense game (I guess?) and it helped my brain a lot exercising. Also the concept is cute. Flowers protecting you from zombies? Adorable!

♥♥ Life is Stange
Oh, this one is tough. It’s an adventure game with a really, really cool concept. You can always rewind time and make your choices undone, that’s pretty neat. And the characters are interesting. I like the whole atmosphere (mood, light, soundtrack) in this game, but oh, it get’s hardcore. I wasn’t aware that suicide is a huge part in this game, and it got me real bad, I needed to pause the game for a good while then.It’s an episode game, but all episodes are out, so you don’t need to wait!

♥ Dragon Age Origins
♥♥ Dragon Age Inquisition
I love my little bearded dwarf lady!! I felt so good creating and playing her! She’s so cute and tiny and bearded and strong and domme, haha. But honestly, all Dragon Age characters are interesting. The game supports LGBTQ-decisions and characters, so that’s nice. And it’s beautifully made. It’s a fantasy role play game. 

♥ Amnesia
Amazing horror game. Hands down. I peed myself.

♥♥ Portal 1&2
Ohhh, oooh! Such idea! Such characters! Such plot! I was totally flabbergasted back then when Portal 1 came out, and I thought Portal 2 would destroy that, BUT IT WAS EVEN BETTER. Seriously, you should know that game, it’s one of the most important milestones in games history, and rightly so!It’s a ego perspective 3D puzzle action game.

♥♥♥♥ Batman: Arkham series
The Batman Arkham series are amazing whether you like Batman or not. But if you’re into Batman you should definitely play it. Usually licensed games aren’t good and just out to make money, but not Batman, oh no. It’s really deep into the lore. The producers know the characters, damn. WAY more than the movie makers. Especially the villains are cherished with loads of background information like recorded tapes. For example, you can listen to tapes from therapist Dr. Quinzel, and how she slowly falls for her patient, Joker. While he was actually talking about his addiction to Batman. It’s so impressive and well done…. And it doesn’t get boring. When you think you know the game it goes BAMM - completly new gameplay. It’s beeeauuuutifully made (seriously, I love the interior design and all those plenty details!) and the AI of the enemies is impressive. They even have own personalities! It’s a great action stealth game, and in my personal humble opinion the best game series in the world, taken all aspects (graphics, story, characters, gameplay, controls, details, environment) together.And you can play Nightwing. Holy shit. Nightwing, guys. And he looks so sexy. Damn.

♥ Gone Home 
It’s nice. It’s quiet. It’s creepy. It’s interesting. It’s short. I can’t say too much about it without spoilering.Opinions seem to be very divided with this game. I suggest, that you play it if you like stories/plot and Life Is Strange.It’s… hm, an ego perspective exploring game?

♥ Stanley Parable 
Stanley Parable is so great! This is one of the games you shouldn’t watch Let’s Play from but play it yourself! It’s really fun and 4th dimension breaking, I love the narrator. It’s rather short, but I really enjoyed it a lot.

♥ Skyrim & Oblivion
A bit like Dragon Age, but with weak characters and almost no plot, but a HUGE open world and a ton of quests. I enjoy strolling around the fantasy realms and stealing. Also, many guild-options, treasures, dungeons and even an own house!

♥♥ Assassins Creed 2 
Ezio, oh Ezio. I still have a crush on him today. I even cosplayed Leonardo Da Vinci, because he was such a cute character in this game. It’s a great stealth game, but it can get a little bit boring after a while. And I loved exploring the Templar/Assassins-Lore outside the animus. Such a cool idea, so greatly weaved together with real history…. huff!

♥ Assassins Creed Syndicate 
When I play Assassins Creed Syndicate on my huge TV screen I feel like I#M on vacation in victorian London. The surroundings are SO. FRICKING. BEAUTIFUL. Gosh!! I can even recognize some places I have been. And I really like the twin main characters. They are sexy.

♥ Puzzle Quest 
I love Puzzles. I love Quests. I like fantasy, I like strategy, I like to develop my skills ingame skills. I like some good old fashions roleplay stories. I can have all of this in Puzzle Quest. And it made me addicted. terribly addicted.

♥ Left 4 Dead
Kill zombies with your friends. That was fun!

♥ Braid
Braid was just like… it was like…. w…. whhhaaaaaaat?? I just….. You gave to play it, really. It’s an Indie puzzle platformer in which you can rewind time. It’s so well done. But it’s… I mean…….. whhhaaaaaattt??? You’ll see what I mean when you played it through.

♥♥ Mass Effect II
Basically Dragon Age in science fiction.Great aliens. Cool weapons. Nice developed planets and races. So much to explore. Garrus. Oh gosh, Garrus.

♥ Fable series
Real talk: Fable has almost no story, a shitload of bugs, a strange good/bad-system, but it was the first time I could play as a heroine and I loved how your characters appearance would change with your behavior. It’s not such an uncommon thing today, but it was back way then, and I fell love with that. You even could go to the barber, rent out houses, marry and be gay and get children. And you could change clothes and later even dye them. Minus point: You can’t steal very well in this game.

♥♥ Toca Tea Party
Oh gosh, the Toca apps are just SO amazing! They are made for children, but with so much love and artsy skills, it’s heartwarming. I often take out my iPad just to show the Toca apps, mainly the Tea Party. Other games I love by Toca: Hair Salon, Kitchen and Store! If I have children I will definitely play those games with them.

♥ Prof. Layton
Puzzles. Puzzles. Cute artstyle. Nice voices. I loved that game. Not in German, though. I wish Prof. Layton would read bedtime stories to me. I would have the most comfortable, warm dreams.

♥♥ Bioshock series
Bioshock was the first first person shooter I even played, and it made me stop judging all first person shooters. I was so much in love with… well, basically everything in that game. The story, the enemies, the plot twists, this whole dystopian world, aye!! Bioshock Infinte is very different from the first two games, but nice, too. 

♥ Phoenix Wright
Who would’ve thought that an attorney game could be so much fun?? Such goofy characters. And it has a nice little point and click feel to it. And detective stories!

♥♥ Papers, Please! 
Oh gosh, Papers please. It’s… uff. It’s so hard. Gamewise and mindwise. You work at the border of an fictional totalitarian country while the world is at war. You need to decide if you let people in, even if they don’t have the right documents. But you can also lose your job and go to jail. And you have a family, too…. It’s really tough. And very simple in pixel artstyle, but beautiful.I felt like I really worked in that country.

♥ Orcs Must Die!
I really like this tower defense game! It has a cool artstyle and cool traps, but it can get stressful. You can even play with your friend online.

♥♥ Journey
This is easily one of the most beautiful games I ever played. So pretty, So melancholic. It takes you into another world. You can play this with a friend, too.

♥♥ Limbo
I played Limbo in one run, back then, because I was so captivated. The dark style was innovative back then (now many games try this style) and I just wanted to find out what was going on. It was so thrilling…! And creepy! It’s a 2D platformer.

♥♥ Uncharted series 
Uuurghhhhh Y ARE THEY SO BEAUTIFUL. How. Hoow?? I felt like I really have been to that countries of the game after playing it. Though it wasn’t to nice, since everywhere was war and stuff. But the details were beautiful nevertheless.

♥ Minecraft 
Yes, minecraft. But never online, always alone. I just loved to waste my time building cosy houses there….

♥♥♥♥ The Witcher series
I was soooo excited when the Witcher games came out, because I just loved the books. I think they are my favorite. Geralt, ah! He’s the best. And the games where well made, too. The newest one, Wild Hunt, is amazing. Beautiful. And Ciri, I Iove Ciri. And Geralt, still. Arrgghhh. My heart…

♥ Overlord
I remember having so much fun with this game when I came out. It’s a fun game and your minions are somewhat cute-ish. You control your character with one stick, the minions with the other, and I loved that concept. Not much of a story here, though. Just fun times running around, trolling and watching your precious minions burp, laugh and subjecting you. They are most adorable when they bring you gifts.

♥ Silent Hill series
I spent a lot time researching the enemies in the internet, because they were so… elaborated. So well made. Silent Hill is typical japanese horror, the best. 

♥♥ I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Very old but very intense game. It’s based on a book from post-apocalyptic sci-fi short story by Harlan Ellison from 1967 about a computer (look at the release date!!!) who took over the world and killed all humans but 6, I think, to torture them. He can adjust their appearance and even personality, and he loves to do that to throw them into terrible scenarios. This is a rather interesting story, right? The game isn’t THAT dark, though. It’s an old point and click. Read more about the story here.

♥ Outlast
Horror game. Shocker. Terrifying. It’s so, so, creepy. 

♥♥ Super Mario World
Aaah, I loved it so much! I played it hundreds of hours as a child and teenager. And I would still play it today, if my SNES would work. The best old time classic platformer there ever was, in my opinion.

♥ Persona 4
Persona 4 could create such intense... hmm... atmospheric feelings inside me. It’s really hard to explain, but I enjoyed being with all those fictional friends, bonding with them, going shopping with them, having fun times. They were sort of my friends, I guess? The RPG strategy fights were cool, too, but what’s really making this game are the characters. And sounds, I think. I can’t explain why, but when I was staying at home and the rain was drumming on my window.... hmmmmm. I get nostalgic feelings.

♥ Card Wars
Card Wars is the cardgame from Adventure Time and it’s fun and interesting to play!

♥♥ Shufflepuck Cafe
I played this a lot when I was a little child, on the old black & white computer of my dad. The game engine was FANTASTIC back then, heck, it’s still good today! It was running so smoothly, wow. It’s some kind of air hockey game, with different enemies. There is a way newer version today and it’s fine, too!

♥ Catan
Technically Catan is a board game, but it exists as a video game, too, of course. Sadly no one wants to play with me.

♥♥♥ The Wolf Among us
The Wolf Among is an episodic adventure game a lot like Life is Strange. It has a beautiful artstyle, wonderful music and a smooooth main character. Bigby is sexy. I really got a detectivey vibe when I played this! You know, noire-style.

♥♥ Delicious series
They are SO LOVELY, really. So lovely!! Aaaahhhhh!!! It’s... gosh, how do you even call that genre? Some sort of ... time management strategy? This doesn’t sound to good, but the games really are made with love. So much love! I love the sound effects and the locations!

♥ Resident Evil 4 & 5
I.... Don’t have a lot to say about them. I just liked them.

♥♥♥ Last of Us 
Great design, great characters, great architectures, great idea, great story, great enemies and enemy designs. Heartwarming, creepy, lovely, thrilling.

♥ Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Oh, this game was catching, too. A really nice 3D adventure with a compelling story. 

♥ Alien Isolation
The graphics, man, WOAAAH. Such a great Sci-Fi horror game. 

♥ The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Same here: THE GRAPHICS, MAN. And the story. Woah. It’s... phew. I would say it’s a bit like “Gone Home”, maybe? Because it’s so silent, too, and creepy. You really want to find out what’s going on.

♥♥♥ Nox
Nox is an old Roleplaygame and a bit like Baldurs Gate or Diablo. I enjoyed the heck out of it when I was around 13, I loved exploring. And again, I loved the sound effects. Huh, I’m a succer for sound effects. It’s true though, it just felt nice grabbing a potion or a bag of coins or eating an apple!

♥ Heavy Rain
♥ Beyond Two Souls
Those two games are somehow alike and more like a movie than a game, in which you decide the outcome. They both have great stories and twists and I’M glad I played them. They get really dark, though. 3D story adventure with beautiful graphics.

♥ rymdkapsel
Very nice short minimalistic strategy game!

♥♥ Tomb Raider 2013 & 2015
Oh Lara, Lara!! Oh Graphics!! Oh Lara!! What do I love more? I can’t decide. Aaah!! I love what they’ve done with Lara.... I love how human she is.

♥♥♥ Hyrule Warriors 
It would be one of my top favorites if there wasn’t for those stupid, sexist outfits… Grrr. But I love what they made with Midna. Both of them. I thought they’d turn her into some weak sex object, but boy, was I wrong.

♥♥ Eternal Darkness
Waaaah, Eternal Darkness was such a good horror game back then and still is today! It had such an interesting plot, neat characters and the best: 4th dimension breaking ingame problems. It’s kind of hard to explain, but if your characters turns insane, you will, too. For example the TV will turn off, or your Gamecube suddenly tells you - while being in a hard fight - that your controller isn’t plugged in. SO. COOL.

♥ Shadow of Mordor
It’s very well made. Gameplay is nice. Cool enemy designs. Nice stealthing. Great Graphics. 3D action stealth game.

♥ Besiege
Hahaha, Besiege is really cool if you’re into building and engineering. You have to build mashines to solve puzzles. Also the art style is great and minimalistic! Good job, Besiege creators! 

♥ Dreaming Mary
Okay now... Dreaming Mary is not for the weak heart. Definitely not. I call lots of trigger warnings, though I won’t tell you exactly which ones, because it might spoil your gameplay. It might look cute, but ... phew. You have to try it yourself. It’s really hardcore.

♥♥♥ Card Crawl 
Ahhhh!!! I love Card Crawl!!! It’s the most amazing card game I ever played!!! And I love the design of the game and the cards and pheeew. It’s such a nice quick casual game, and it’s not that hard to understand.

♥♥♥♥ Undertale 
I could write a whole essay about why I love this game, but a lot of other people did that already. So let me just say: I frickin. Love. Undertale. This fricking story, FUCK. This 4th dimension breaking, fuuuuuck. Those characters!!!! If you try it out - give yourself time, please. It might seem strange at the beginning and overhyped but..... give it time. You (most likely!) won’t regret it.

♥♥ Soma
If you enjoy Amnesia, you probably will enjoy Soma, too. I loved exploring the story and feeling lost somehow, because I didn’t know what was happening. It has some great ideas and it’s... devastating, phew. 

♥♥♥ Kingdom
Kingdom is so, so, SO pretty!!! SO PRETTY! It’s made in a beautiful 2D pixel art style and booooooy uuuuuh it’s so great. The gameplay is fine, too. It’s a strategy game and it takes a while until you understand how everything works, but it’s fun to explore. And again: SO PRETTY.

♥ Mini Metro
Cool casual silent game! You build metros in a very minimalistic style and try to make intelligent routes and stations and stuff.

♥ Harvest Moon
To be honest, Harvest Moon isn’t that great - but it’s addictive to me. Every time I start playing it I keep doing it for weeks, till I’m so angry at myself that I invest so much more time in building and bonding in a virtual life, hahaha.

♥ Emily is away
An interesting short .... text.... adventure? Maybe? I really love the style. It’s made to look like an old Windows in 2002 with Aim and stuff. It’s more like... a short book, I guess?

♥ Lifeline
Speaking of text adventures, this is some sort of one, too. Not really, like in the old days with several options, but only two. You decide what the character should do, how the story will turn out. The character can die, to. You don’t play the main character, you play yourself advising the main character. It’s well done. However, some things bother me, like - why doesn’t the main character ask you to call for help in the first place?

♥ Wrestle Jump
And last but not least: My favorite multiplayer game. It so damn funny. I play it a lot with friends, when we’re at the bar or waiting together somewhere. You can only push one button in this game, but it’s really well made and, as I said, funny.

♥♥ Firewatch
Ooooh, this is another beautiful game! The art style is moodsy, but cartoonish, and in such a good way. It's thrilling and interesting to find out whats going on, and the voice actors are amazing. It's a little bit like Gone Home and Ethen Carter, gamewise.

I hope I could inspire you with those personal suggestions!

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